Birota is latin - and simple means "two wheeled vehicle".

To an engineer motorcycle is not just a vehicle - it is a platform for dozens of sensors and upgrades and software to make use of the data.

On the picture I have the RaceChrono application installed into a Nokia N8 phone linked to an external 10 Hz GPS receiver.

The video camera is not shown in the picture but when everything is put together this is the end result.

It is easily seen in the video that the acceleration and deacceleration data (red/green bar on left) from the phone sensor does not give useful data.

That was 2012 - this summer the plan is to add a Raspberry Pi2 with Windows10 and an Arduino board with lot of sensors to get more data to play with.

  • Engine data
  • Breaking pressure
  • Even more accurate position data
  • Leaning angle
  • Weather data
  • Heart rate
  • ...

Project repository